Polystyrene Plates

BAGASSE PAPER PLATES SUGARCANE BY-PRODUCT: Whether setting up for a family get-together or refilling the disposable office dishes, the SpecialT | 500 Pack of 7 Inch Bagasse Biodegradable Plates are perfect for convenience and environmentally friendly clean-up; These natural sugar cane plates disposable plates have a light brown kraft color and naturally textured feel for sophistication and authenticity

PERFECT SIZE FOR DESSERTS AND APPETIZERS: Wide 7 inch (17.8cm) diameter can be used as compostable cocktail plates at a work event, biodegradable cake plates at a wedding, or party paper plates for a birthday party; .5 inch (1.3cm) deep design helps to avoid spilling appetizers, desserts, and liquids
IDEAL FOR HOT AND COLD TREATS: Even your standard heavy duty paper plate cannot stand up to wet and greasy foods, but these bagasse biodegradable paper plates remain sealed from liquid, grease, oil, and uncomfortable temperatures; These unbleached brown dessert plates disposable paper plates contain no artificial petroleum, wax, or chlorine coatings and are microwave and freezer safe

ECO FRIENDLY DISPOSABLES: Make a statement and care for the environment by using completely disposable appetizer plates at your group functions instead of toxic plastic, foam, or paper party plates that take centuries to degrade; Bagasse is made from sugarcane fiber and is highly compostable to eliminate the chance of creating a carbon footprint on our environment; These eco friendly plates are designed to degrade entirely in 3 to 6 months after disposal

STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Constructed of natural bagasse provides these heavy duty compostable plates with durability, stability, and strength to handle even the messiest potluck events; Use these small disposable plates brown natural paper plates for family gathering, wedding receptions, church functions, BBQs, company picnics, camping meals, or even as food truck compostable plates

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