Plastic Drinking Straws

When you’re serving a cool beverage of any sort it is essential that you have drinking straws, regardless of whether you offer soft drinks with meals or cocktails in a bar there is always a customer who wants a straw, and they think much better of you if you can give them what they want.

Our black straws will make a particularly classy and professional addition to your cocktails and other such adult drinks. We have clear and colour striped flexible straws which provide an excellent option for soft drinks, such as to work alongside our Coca Cola and Pepsi branded cups. We also have more specific use straws, such as smoothie straws, which are thicker for better drinking, and spoon straws that offer a great option for slush puppies and other ice or ice-cream based drinks.

All our straws are all manufactured using high quality, food grade polypropylene.

Drinking straw
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