Hot Food Bags

Hot food often requires specific packaging, not only because the heat and steam produced by hot foods can cause less specifically designed packaging to fall apart, but also to ensure that the food remains hot.

Regardless of whether you’re serving hot sandwiches, wraps, or Panini’s they can become stodgy and much less appealing once they’ve cooled down, so having the right packaging will help to keep them hot to make them look and taste great consistently. These bags are lined with foil to ensure that they retain the heat, and of course are durable against any steam or fluids that may be present, including juices from cooked chicken and other such meats, such as deli meats. They have been developed specifically to provide a completely greaseproof, leak proof solution that allows you customers to fully enjoy a hot meal without any oily spills.

There is a wide selection of available designs, and sizes, which ensure that you have everything you need regardless of what that may be.

Hot food bag
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