Foil Containers, Foil Packaging and Lids

Aluminium food containers feature heavily within the food and catering sector and we stock or can source just about any foil that is currently manufactured.

We supply many customers with the ever so popular fast food foil container and their matching lids. Used extensively within the fast food, takeaway and meals on wheels sector, these foils ensure food is still hot and ready to eat once it reaches the customer. The lids provide a safety feature to prevent and spills during transportation as well as keeping the heat sealed in. These foils can be frozes as well as used to reheat food in the oven but please note, they are NOT microwavable.

We also stock a range of more specialist foils. These include roasting tins and trays, foil pie and flan dishes, pudding basing and multiple compartment containers. These are all mainly used by people within the baking industry.

Foil containers

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