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We stock a large range of Eco-Friendly products. We offer Eco-alternatives to hot/cold drinks cups, lids and sleeves, salad bowls, hot food containers, food portion pots, bags, cutlery, and even plates & bowls.

Our range of Eco friendly packaging gives you access to products manufactured from natural, sustainable and renewable materials.

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Polylactive products

What materials do we use?

PLA – Polylactic Acid Products

PLA is a unique bio-based material made from plants instead of oil. The production of Ingeo™ PLA requires fewer fossil fuel resources and generates fewer greenhouse gasses compared to most traditional plastics.

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PLA looks and feels like traditional plastic packaging, it is strong and durable to protect food and retain freshness. The products are crystal clear offering excellent presentation to your customers.

Moulded Fibre

Moulded fibre consists of natural non-wood (not from trees) fibres, such as bamboo, sugar cane and reed all of which are renewable and sustainable resources. These products are strong, rigid and fully compostable providing a great alternative to polystyrene and plastic food packaging.

They are also suitable for use in cold cabinets and microwaves, resisting water temperatures of up to 100°c and oil temperatures of up to 150°c

Moulded fibre products
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