Cups & Lids

Drinks and soups are not always easy to serve, you need the right packaging to ensure that beverages are held in a watertight container, especially hot fluids, which can cause discomfort to your customers.

When it comes to cups and lids you can be completely confident about using R+R Packaging; cups to go are our speciality and we have in stock the perfect takeaway cups for every sort of business.

Our range isn’t just limited to the cups you can order. Whether you’re serving tea, coffee, smoothies, juices or ice based drinks we have the cups, lids and extras that you might need such as cup clutches, napkins, cup carriers, straws and more. Many of our hot cups are insulated to keep the beverages at their best while protecting your customers from the heat. We also supply water cones and vending machine cups and much more.

Of course we also offer a selection of environmentally friendly solutions in the form of coated paper cups that are easily to recycle, so you can keep a greener image. We would particularly recommend that you try our Kraft Ripple Cups for serving hot drinks, these are disposable, degradable products that offer the maximum heat retention as well as an attractive, comfortable design for the benefit of your customers.

Cups lids
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