Catering Disposables

When you’re in the catering business you have a lot to deal with; making food and drinks, packing them and delivering them; your packaging is a big concern. We stock a huge variety of disposable catering supplies, including plastic cups, paper plates and other disposable food packaging.

We supply a wide range of high quality catering disposables, so you have everything you need to ensure the smooth operation of your catering business regardless of the foods you are supplying.

Catering disposables include a number of products, whether you supply these on a regular basis or at an event it is easy to forget just how much is included, we at Ritika Ventures have it covered, so you can concentrate on everything else.

Our selection of products includes all of the tableware, including napkins and doilies, the food covering material such as foil, cling film and baking parchment as well as the plates and cutlery. We supply a variety of plates; in plastic, polystyrene and paper, as well as a selection of plastic and wooden cutlery, so regardless of your preferences or requirements we are sure to have something to suit your needs.

Catering disposables
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