Catering Cling Film

Making as much as possible in advance for a large event is a given, however it is of the utmost importance that it is kept covered and refrigerated until it is needed, which is why we stock a selection of catering cling film. Our selection of products provides you with the perfect opportunity to stock up on this selection of food wrapping film, which tends to be used on a daily basis. You might be wrapping the food to keep it fresh and protected before the big event, or you might be wrapping up the leftovers afterwards; either way a lot of food means a lot of cling film, so you had best make sure you’re well stocked.

There are a selection of options available for a cost effective and reliable solution in a selection of sizes, and of course if you order today these could arrive tomorrow (check our delivery information for more details), so don’t delay!

Catering cling film

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