Polystyrene Plates

When it comes to large scale catering, take away businesses, cafés and even fish and chip shops there is often a requirement for a polystyrene plate.

We supply a selection of inexpensive disposable plates to purchase at wholesale. The range suits all needs; offering not just a lightweight product, but one that makes cleaning up as simple as could be.

These are also part of our environmentally friendly range of disposable products, making them not only appealing to you, but to your customers too. Regardless of the event, this can be the perfect solution to your needs, being a cost effective solution that won’t weight you down, and with a range of sizes to choose from you can’t go wrong.

Regardless of whether you’re serving cake to a number of guests or catering an all you can eat buffet this is a fantastic option that provides you with everything you could need.

Polysterine plates

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