All Film Satchels and Sweet Bags

This range of all film satchels and sweet bags, which are otherwise known as gusseted plastic bags, provide the perfect way of showcasing your products, particularly if you have a creative flair. Regardless of whether you offer sweets, small gifts, chocolates, nuts or even seeds and other such dry foods these can be a perfect way of not only displaying but also serving the products.

Fill the bags with your products, tie the bag with an attractive, decorative ribbon and sit them on the shelf for the best possible combination of display and stock. There are a range of sizes available, so you’re sure to find something that will suit your individual needs regardless of what those make be, and these are of course an easy, cost effective way of weighing out and supplying amounts of dry food products, like seeds, nuts and chocolates, as well as storing them securely and hygienically.

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